About Catharina

About Us

Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven is a modern, hospitable top-clinical and educational hospital. We are known for our highly specialized Cancer Institute and leading centres for heart diseases and obesity. Regionally we are the specialized centre for kidney diseases.


Patients all over the country choose the Catharina Cancer Institute because of our expertise in cancer treatment. You will find all cancer treatments in one location. With a referral from a general practitioner you can come directly to the institute for medical examination. We will share the medical results as soon as possible. In addition to the main treatments for cancer, we have different treatments that are only performed by a few hospitals in the Netherlands. The Catharina Cancer Institute houses a radiotherapy department which means you do not have to travel for radiation treatment.

Heart and vascular disease

Do you have a disorder of your heart or your vessels? At the Catharina Hospital you are assured of the best possible care. For more than 30 years, our cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and vascular surgeons have specialized in cardiovascular surgery and cardiovascular research. The Catharina Heart and Vascular Center has therefore developed into a national and internationally renowned and respected specialist center.


At the Catharina Obesity Center, the obesity team help more than a thousand patients each year to overcome obesity. The obesity clinic is one of the largest in the Netherlands. At the Catharina Obesity Center, we help patients with overweight for almost 30 years.

Kidney disease

The department of Kidney diseases (Nierziekten) of the Catharina Hospital and the Dialysis center Deurne of the Elkerliek hospital is the second largest national center offering care for more than 200 kidney patients. Patients with kidney failure can rely on research and treatment. But also for kidney function replacement therapy such as dialysis (purification of blood) and the preparation and/or guidance of a kidney transplant.


Whether you are a patient or visitor at the Catharina Ziekenhuis, we offer various services.


In our restaurant you can enjoy a wide range of delicious dishes prepared freshly. You will find the restaurant at the main entrance hall across the pharmacy. From monday to friday the restaurant is open from 08.00 to 20.00. On weekends, the restaurant is open from 12.00 to 20.00.


Haven't got enough time to sit down for lunch, snack or a coffee? Then please feel welcome at the espresso bar at the main entrance hall. The espresso bar offers a choice of different types of freshly prepared coffee, fresh croissants, brownies, muffins and fresh orange juice among others. The espresso bar is open all week from 06.30 to 21.30.

Shop 'n go

The Shop 'n go is located next to the espresso bar. The shop offers a wide assortment of sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables candy, birthday cakes with fruit and other delights. The shop 'n go is open from 06.30 to 21.30.

Catharina Pharmacy (Apotheek)

After your visit to the outpatient clinic or after a hospitalization, you can contact the Catharina Pharmacy for you prescription medication. The pharmacy has a wide range of medicines, which enables us to deliver many specialized medicines from stock. You can also go the the Catharina Pharmacy for self-care such as nasal spray, vitamin pills or paracetamol. The pharmacy is located in the main entry hall, across the visitors restaurant. Opening hours; Monday - Friday 08.00 - 17.00. Phone number; +31 (0)40 - 239 91 00 If emergency medicine is needed outside these opening hours please contact the central pharmacy located at the emergency rooms (SEH). You can contact them by phone via +31 (0)40 - 243 66 66.


Our hospital has its own hairdressing salon. You will find the hairdresser in the main entrance hall. If you want to visit the hairdresser, please make an appointment by calling +31 (0)40 - 239 86 63. The hairdressing salon is open from monday to Friday from 09.00 - 12.00 and 12.30 tot 17.00.

Bookstore AKO

AKO offers a wide range of books and magazines. AKO is also selling many international newspapers, magazines and books. It also offers greeting cards, gambling, gift cards and stationery. You will find the AKO bookstore in the main entrance hall, next to patient registration and across the Catharina Pharmacy.

Flower and giftshop Gloriosa Bloemen

In the main entrance hall you will find the flower and giftshop 'Gloriosa Bloemen'. Besides bouquets, flowers and plants, this shop also offers gift items, so you will find a nice gift for every occassion. The store in our hospital is open 7 days a week (except for public holidays): Monday to Friday from 09.30 to 20.00 and Saturday and Sunday from 13.30 to 17.00.

Lingerie specialist Livera

Nightwear or underwear needed? Lingerie specialist Livera, located in the main entrance hall, sells nightwear and underwear for women and men. The opening hours of the store are monday to friday from 09.00 to 18.00.

Livit, Medicura, Bosman

Do you need mobility or medical equipment for use at home? You can order these directly at our hospital. Also located at the main entrance hall you can find Livit, Medicura and Bosman. In addition to wheelchairs and crutches, it is possible to measure or order orthopedic tools such as shoes, braces, prostheses, molded helmets, support soles and stockings. But they can also offer the right tools and equipment for diabetes, incontinence, wound care, stomach care and urology. Opening hours: monday to friday from 08.30 to 17.00.


We offer wireless internet via our Wi-Fi connection 'Catharina-guest'. To acces it, use your own laptop, smartphone or tablet. Ask the nurse for more information. The Catharina Ziekenhuis is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to equipment such as laptops and mobile phones.

Overnight in the area

Do you want to stay near the Catharina Ziekenhuis? You can stay at a hotel or a private individual. Information about hotels in Eindhoven and surroundings can be found on the internet. For example, look at www.thisiseindhoven.nl.

Childcare during your visit

Visitors to our hospital can accommodate children during the visit at childcare 'De Kinderkamer'. This childcare is located on the premises of the hospital. For more information contact ‘De Kinderkamer’: www.dekinderkamer.nl.

Accreditations and Certifications

Patient associations, health insurers and patients themselves are looking at the quality of hospitals ever more. Quality institutes and patient associations have quality qualifications and health insurance companies choose preferred hospitals. The Catharina Hospital has several important quality markings and certificates. The hospital is a preferred treatment provider in a number of healthcare areas for one or more health insurers.

Eusoma certificate

The breast cancer center at the Catharina Hospital has been awarded the ‘European Breast Cancer Certificate’ from Eusoma. Eusoma is the leading international organisation in breast cancer. Eusoma was the first organisation in Europe to start adopting guidelines and indicators for good breast cander care and endeavors to have an equally high level of breast cander care in all countries of Europa. Eusoma visits hospitals and licenses hospitals that meet the highest requirements in breast cancer care. The Catharina Hospital is the first and only Dutch hospital with the Eusoma certificate.

Center of Excellence for overweight

The Catharina Hospital is recognized as ‘Center of Excellence’ for overweight. This international quality mark indicates that in the hospital, obese patients get the best care possible. The quality of care for overweight patients in the hospital has been tested externally by an international audit of the European Accreditation Council for Bariatric Surgery (EAC-BS). The Catharina Hospital is one of three Dutch hospitals with this important quality mark.

Smileys: a child-friendly hospital

Parents are allowed stay in the children's section throughout the day, and if necessary at night too. With this criterion, Catharina Hospital earns the Smiley of patient organization ‘Child and Hospital’. This organization allocates Smileys to hospitals for child-friendliness. For these Smileys, the hospital must meet different criteria. Our hospital has two Smileys: for the children's section and for the maternity ward. For more information, visit www.kindenziekenhuis.nl.

ISO 15189 certificate for the IVF lab and the General Clinical Laboratory

Our pharmacy, nutrition, medical technology and clinical physics have received an ISO 9001 certificate. ISO 9001 is a European label that indicates that an organization has its quality management system in order. The norm is used and applied equally in all European countries.

ISO certificate

Onze Apotheek, Voedingsdienst, Medische Technologie en de Klinisch Fysica hebben een ISO 9001 certificaat ontvangen. ISO 9001 is een Europees keurmerk dat aangeeft dat een organisatie haar kwaliteitsmanagementsysteem op orde heeft. In alle Europese landen wordt de norm op gelijke wijze toegepast en gebruikt. De ISO 9001 norm stelt onder andere:

  • Business processes are recorded in a quality manual;
  • Employees work according to these processes;
  • The quality policy is set on paper and communicated to all employees;
  • The organization ensures customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.

Quality & Patient Safety

Performance indicators for hospitals have been established nationally. These are aspects of care that indicate whether a hospital does well, moderate or bad at a specific point. Patients and referrers gain insight into the quality of a hospital or treatment. It is not easy to compare hospitals with each other. There are many factors that play a part in determining the success of an operation or treatment.

Every year, the Catharina Ziekenhuis publishes information on these performance indicators at www.ziekenhuizentransparant.nl.

Database Quality

Our hospital records more and more data on the care provided. We record information in the 'Database Quality' of the Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ). This measure for hospital performance was established on the initiative of the Health Care Inspectorate, the Dutch Association of Hospitals, the Association of Academic Hospitals and the Order of Medical Specialists.


Santeon is a Dutch hospital group in which seven top-medical hospitals openly cooperate with the aim of improving medical care through continuous renewal. The Catharina Hospital is a member of Santeon.

Improving medical care

Although the quality of our care compared to other countries is relatively high, many improvements are possible and necessary. Santeon was founded in 2010 and originated from the Association of Cooperating Hospitals, to promote open collaboration between the seven Santeon hospitals, with the aim of improving medical care through continuous renewal.

For our patients

To get to this innovation, the Santeon hospitals work together. The medical professionals get behind-the-scenes of each other's hospital to learn from each other. Treatments and results are systematically compared, reducing mutual variation and improving the quality of all Santeon hospitals. The interest of the patient is key. This way he will get 'well-better'; Not only medical quality but also the patients’ experience. Mainly because the patients become informed 'directors' of their own treatment.

Seven strong hospitals: