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Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven is a modern, hospitable top-clinical and educational hospital. We are known for our highly specialized Cancer Institute and leading centres for heart diseases and obesity. Regionally we are the specialized centre for kidney diseases.


Patients all over the country choose the Catharina Cancer Institute because of our expertise in cancer treatment. You will find all cancer treatments in one location. With a referral from a general practitioner you can come directly to the institute for medical examination. We will share the medical results as soon as possible. In addition to the main treatments for cancer, we have different treatments that are only performed by a few hospitals in the Netherlands. The Catharina Cancer Institute houses a radiotherapy department which means you do not have to travel for radiation treatment.

Heart and vascular disease

Do you have a disorder of your heart or your vessels? At the Catharina Hospital you are assured of the best possible care. For more than 30 years, our cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and vascular surgeons have specialized in cardiovascular surgery and cardiovascular research. The Catharina Heart and Vascular Center has therefore developed into a national and internationally renowned and respected specialist center.


At the Catharina Obesity Center, the obesity team help more than a thousand patients each year to overcome obesity. The obesity clinic is one of the largest in the Netherlands. At the Catharina Obesity Center, we help patients with overweight for almost 30 years.

Kidney disease

The department of Kidney diseases (Nierziekten) of the Catharina Hospital and the Dialysis center Deurne of the Elkerliek hospital is the second largest national center offering care for more than 200 kidney patients. Patients with kidney failure can rely on research and treatment. But also for kidney function replacement therapy such as dialysis (purification of blood) and the preparation and/or guidance of a kidney transplant.

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